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Authentic mexican food

Las gringas

Las Gringas

Las Gringas is a signature Mexican dish. It's a variety of tacos that uses a flour tortilla as a base and is topped with queso oxaca (mozerella cheese), carne al pastor, pineapple and salsa roja or verde.

Choose your dish, your meat and your toppings.
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“Shamrock ORCHATA “ and dynamite shrimp
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Here is a little bit of what we do!  Tha
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Staying at home and cooking for the fami
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Torta “””
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Homemade hard shell tacos 🌮!!
Step 2 !
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Si señor !!
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Whish you can smell this bad boys !!
Soft shell nacho, dinamita shrimp nacho,
Yummy 😋!!!
We will be given 1000  from 12-2 pm Koka



Raleigh, NC

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Special ACP (arros con pollo) !